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Graveyard Lover’s new album Dreamers shows a band where the seeds of greatness have sprouted into a vibrant and mighty tree that reaches to the heavens. Rooted in modern alt-rock the three members intertwine into a trunk of incredible solidity from which delicate, intricate and extreme musical phrases spring forth. It’s the balance between power and detail that makes Graveyard Lovers the band it is, creating a massive, sturdy foundation, then spiraling off ideas and emotions in higher and higher levels of development.

There is as much to experience in their music as you can find within yourself. Graveyard Lovers put a mirror to our modern era and stares deeply. Bringing a somewhat regional sound out of their NYC home base you can feel a Springsteen vibe at one minute, then Manchester, then 80’s Los Angeles all funked out with a southern sweat. There is a confidence and an authenticity to their presence that speaks of several years performing and touring together. Dreamers is their first full-length release and it’s just plain lethal from beginning to end.

Comprised of guitarist/singer Zach Reynolds, drummer Tricia Purvis and bassist Orion Wainer, this is a power trio that has the patience to slow it down, then the reserves of energy to smash everything in sight. It’s a barely controlled musical riot protesting, rebelling and redefining what it means to deliver authentic rock and roll. Deftly produced by Will Benoit, the whole album sounds great, with the technical framework suiting the artists just perfectly.

Graveyard Lovers new album Dreamers puts them squarely on the map. It’s a really awesome rock record with a fresh signature band sound. Taking familiar tones into new iterations, this collection of musical statements will surely stand the test of time because of the impregnable solidity of the band members. They’re like a young boxing contender stepping into the ring with nimble footwork and devastating punches. Very Highly Recommended.
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released 17 September 2013
All songs written and performed by Zach Reynolds and Tricia Purvis.
Produced by Will Benoit and Graveyard Lovers
Engineered by Will Benoit
Recorded at The Radar Studios in Clinton, CT



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Graveyard Lovers Brooklyn, New York

Graveyard Lovers are a Louisiana-blues-infused grunge-rock trio for a modern age.
The spirit of rock ‘n roll is exhumed, drenched in heavy blues riffs, and smeared with earthy grit by Brooklyn’s Graveyard Lovers. Zach Reynolds (guitar,vocals), Tricia Purvis (Drums), Orion Wainer (Bass), intertwine their deepest, darkest melodies and passionate forces on their September 2013 release, "Dreamers". ... more

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